Sports activities, leisurely relaxation or romantic moments on Lake Bled – What will you choose?

6 km long trail around the lake is just long enough for simple recreation (walks or bike rides). This trail also leads to sightseeing rises – Castle Hill and nearby hills with splendid views. Take a rest on one of the benches and enjoy the view on the lake with an island and the Karavanke mountains in the distance, and observe the ducks and swans playing on the surface of the lake. Rowing is a very popular sports activity in this area as Bled can pride itself with a long tradition of the rowing sport and with hosting international rowing competitions. During the summer visitors can cool down in the lake or enjoy on the Castle beach which each year attracts a great number of tourists. In extremely low winter temperatures the surface of the lake freezes.


A challenge for your eye and your body awaits you on the island where a temple of the ancient Slavic goddess of love Živa used to stand in the location of today's glorious Gothic church.

The most renowned symbol of the island is the Church of the Assumption which demands a climb up the 99 stone-step staircase. In case you visit the island in just the right time, make time to witness a wedding in the romantic environment.


Well-arranged trails will lead you to majestic hills above Lake Bled.


Experience the most intact nature of Bled in the first touristically arranged gorge in Slovenia.

The Bled's Vintgar leaves an impression on every visitor. Its steep depths, vertical walls, rapid river beneath, vegetation and the largest waterfall in Slovenia are all intended to impress.


The Pokljuka plateau offers plenty of sports opportunities and opportunities to explore the local tradition.

Taste the home-made sour milk or cheese, spend the night in a former shepherd's pen and cycle with the wind at your back through the green forests. Conquer one of the nearby mountain tops or, in case you are an experienced hiker, climb on Mt. Triglav – the highest mountain peak in Slovenia.


Enjoy in the idyllic images of the pure and intact nature.

The immediate vicinity of Bled includes the Triglav National Park which covers 4% of the entire Slovenia, almost across the entire area of the Julian Alps, and is considered as one of the oldest European parks. Its specific feature is its dynamic intact nature and its richness of vegetation and numerous endangered animals.


One of the oldest Slovenian underground beauties.

This approximately 300 m long cave is adorned with beautiful stalactite formations. A special feature of this cave is spiral stalactites, so-called helectites, and large calcite crystals which are rare in Slovenia.